Friday 17 January 2014

Flights Of Fancy!

Last weekend we visited a lovely exhibition at The Ropewalk, Barton.

'Flights Of Fancy' is an exhibition by two Yorkshire artists.

Pam Grimmond makes lino cuts,wood engravings and collages inspired by the rural, urban and coastal landscape.

'Easterly Wind'
Lino cut

Chris Moss uses a variety of wire,mesh and found materials to produce birds that are full of life and character.

I loved the way these little fellows were displayed and how she would add just a flash of colour here and there.
I think that the Jenny wren was my favourite, but I loved them all!

We also had the pleasure of meeting 'Rover', a rather portly but extremely friendly cat. She has decided to take up the position of 'cat in residence' at the gallery.
She and Lottie hit it off immediately.
Flights of Fancy
Chris Moss and Pam Grimmond
Gallery One
The Ropewalk


  1. ooo this looks wonderful! xxx

  2. Thx, for sharing your pics. Love these little birds too. X

  3. How beautiful are those birds...some magical things are happening in that gallery, they lloks as if they will take flight any moment now......
    d x

  4. It's a really gorgeous exhibition and the gallery is wonderful.
    Fabulous shop, more galleries and a cafe to die for!


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