Tuesday 21 January 2014

Who Does She Think She Is?

Yes, the Queen of Sheba!
Spent a lovely morning stitching.
Lots more to do, but once the face is done that's half the battle's won!
(Ooo that rhymes and everything!)


  1. She has such a peaceful look on her face. It amazes me that you can do that with sewing machine!

  2. she's a poet and she dont know it! queen of sheba she's rockin!!!! xxxx

  3. I rather admire her dress and am imagining in my wildest imaginings that she looks a little like me after being out in the rain for sometime...D x

  4. I picture your beautiful stretching fox and now I'll add this fabulous lady to the pictures in my head. Btw I was told about a Queen of Sheba cake yesterday, you might know of it so will think yeah I eat them all time. Apparently it's chocolate cake with ground almonds. Ta ta for now x

  5. Thank you all very kindly.
    And I've never heard of the Queen of Sheba cake...might have to go and investigate...

  6. Absolutely beautifully drawn with the machine, I so wish someone held classes in machine embroidery like this.

    1. Just keep scribbling away chuck. And if it goes wrong, stick another bit of fabric on top and scribble away some more!
      Will be putting a tutorial on the blog in the Spring too, but I bet you could do it anyways!

  7. Will be keeping an eye out for it! you're right though, I should just get on and have a go, after all, nobodies going to tell me off it it doesn't work are they. x


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