Monday 13 January 2014

We Worshipped The Finch!

Just before Christmas we went on a jolly jaunt to York for a festive adventure.
First stop, the sweetie shop!

Oooo cheeky!
Another one for my plastic giant ice cream cone photograph collection!
(Is there someone else out there with one of these too?)
And then to our pilgrimage destination, the very wonderful Imaginarium:
And there were many wonderous sights to behold and many 'oo's and aaah's' were gasped.
And there they were...the creations of Mr Finch himself.
Unfortunately I couldn't put the photos on my blog, but they should be seen in the flesh to truly appreciate their beauty anyways.
We had our photos taken with the giant hare and I admired the beautiful toadstools .
It was emotional.
And what do you buy when you're out Christmas shopping and you haven't many pennies to call your own?
Why, a fox head ring of course!
And a few sweeties...purely for medicinal purposes you understand!


  1. Yum yum bubble gum (or words to that effect) x

  2. Yum yum bubblegum (tried to post that last night, hut it wasn't having it)! X

  3. Thank you for the introduction to Mr Finch! never come across any of his work before, not even on pintrest, fantastic. x

  4. Pleased you enjoyed the sweeties!
    Mr Finch is AMAZING!

  5. Ahhhh but did you go to The House of Trembling Madness...for a beer and a sandwich....the loos are incredible!!!!!...(on stonegate)

    1. Why have I never heard of this amazing place?!?
      Will definitely visit next time and I'll check out the loos!


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