Sunday 4 January 2015

A Mouse In A Tea Cup...

So, where was I?
Oh yes, we left Liberty and made our way to Covent Barden.
(Thanks for coming back by the way, after that monster of a post last time!)
There were street entertainers everywhere and the atmosphere was jolly and festive.
Here's the Mad Hatter!
With a real live mouse* posing in a tea cup!

Lottie was desperate to go to The Moomin shop, ( and so was I!)
Lottie, doing her best Little My impersonation!
* Now, I will have to tell you about the little see as we were wandering around Covent Garden I kept thinking about him.
What if he was trapped in that tea cup?
What if his little feet were chained in tiny manacles?
I had to go back and investigate, I wasn't quite sure what I would have done if I had found such mouse related atrocities, but I couldn't have slept worrying about him.
So we returned and I crept up as close as I could to the mouse.
He looked straight at me, hopped out of the cup, ran around the Mad Hatter's shoulder and hopped back into his tea cup!
So, dear friends, do not worry about said creature, he seems very happy indeed and obviously loves his adoring audience!
So, Liberty was fully explored, Moomins were purchased and show business mice investigated...time to go home!


  1. Ahh, I love the mouse in his tea cup (how on earth do you train a mouse?) and your shots of Covent Garden. Just headed back to catch up with your Liberty's adventures too - how gorgeous.
    Your daughter is just as beautiful as you! xxx

  2. Your posts are always a joy to read and your work so inspiring. X

  3. Your posts are always fun to read and your work is so inspiring. X

  4. I am so glad that you checked up on the mouse and took a moment to reassure us that all was well. You are a good person.

  5. Phew - no mouse was harmed in the recollection of this blog post! I need to go to the Moomin shop though - didn't know it was there! x

  6. hmmmm I was thinking exactly the same thing about the glad you went back and checked! softies or what??
    bestest D x

  7. Awww thanks everyone for commenting!
    I really do love you popping by x


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