Friday 30 January 2015

Hemswell Shenanigans!

We had a jolly to Hemswell Antiques Centres on Monday.
I love it there and we laughed all day long.
Fancy having a nosey round?
I think this is one of the nicest pin cushions I have ever seen.
German chocolate boxes.
Now, before we got there I was telling me mate Sam about the Whitby jet brooches I had seen there a while ago.
There were brooches carved with old fashioned names like Edith and Maud, and I had seen one with 'Fanny' on.
I nearly bought it but talked myself out of it, and had regretted it ever since.
Sam was scouring the cabinets and then shouted across to me:
'There's a fanny!
There's a fanny!'
Unfortunately, it wasn't made of Whitby jet so I didn't buy it but we chuckled the whole day long.
I've talked about my strange fascination/ repulsion with taxidermy before...but I do love a fox in a box!
This one looked like it came from a museum.
But stuffed animals in costume?!
There's even a fab reclamation yard.
This little chap came home with me!
Look at those carved heels!
Oo I fancy a cup of tea now!
Bourbon or custard cream?


  1. Always a bourbon! Must post your pressie, it's been sitting here wrapped for days!!!! X

  2. Such a treasure trove! I think the shoes are my favorite!

  3. I would have tittered loudly about that Fanny broach for quite a long while; love me a bit of Frankie Howard humour :)

  4. What an amazing collection of cra... er, I mean fine memorabilia! I think the carved heel shoes would have come home with me, and then sat on a shelf as an ornament. I love your photos, especially of the reclamation yard (peeling paint is so appealing) and the mannequins. I would love to own a place like that so I could play with arranging everything!

    1. Me too! I wouldn't want to sell anything though! X

  5. So many treasures to feast my eyes on, love the photos! The mannequin heads are great, as are the dolls and the owl pot.
    So that's where Grandma's ivory brooch got to - she was called Fanny! xxx

    1. I really love the owl pot too.
      I'm still on the hunt for the Fanny Whitby jet brooch x

  6. I went to the antiques place the other year, it's amazing isn't it...when we went there was a huge taxidermied piece of squirrels dressed as pilgrims all sitting round what I think was supposed to be a "thanksgiving dinner"...needless to say it was hard not to look but my eyes kept making me (and the squirrels didn't look too thankful)......
    Loved seeing your pictures as it reminded me of what a great day out I had when I went there.

    1. Thanks for popping by!
      I think you can find almost anything there!


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