Saturday, 5 September 2015

I Love Newlyn...

I do, I really love it.
Newlyn doesn't put on a 'show' for us tourists.
It is what it is, full of art, fishing and characters.
The Strand is such a great example of this.
It is a quirky Kingdom of wittily curated treasures.
It makes me so happy to see Mini Goth enjoying thrifty places as much as I do!
I found Me a Cornish Pisky!
Look at that fabric, just look at that fabric!
I always knew that computers were evil!
Now that's a working desk!
Family portrait opportunity!
Fancy an ice cream?
Jelberts is legendary and, again, is a true reflection of the Newlyn spirit.
You can have any flavour as long as it's vanilla.
(Believe me, you wouldn't want another flavour anyway! When I was pregnant I ate his by the bucket load!)
We walked past this house, and I dreamed of moving in, giving it some love and living by the sea...
Here's a little out- take for you...
And that's a photo bomb!


  1. Oh lordy, what a fabulous shop. You'd have to come and drag me out but not until I'd nabbed that horse picture, the DM's and just about everything else! Thank you for sharing and isn't it lovely to know places like this are out there? You're right! That is a photobomb! Go Mini Goth!xx

  2. Replies
    1. Its like a museum and shop rolled into one! x

  3. Ooh, I think I would like Newlyn too! Wouldn't it be great to live by the sea?
    Your Mini Goth is such a sweetheart. xxx

  4. Newlyn is always full of weird things/weirdos 😂 love it, great gallery too. Glad you're having a fab time here!

    1. Wow! Do you live there? I'm not jealous really!!! X

  5. Wow! What a shop. I wish,I was there. Your little girl is so pretty and love her hair too. X

    1. Thank you Sujata, what a lovely thing to say x


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