Friday 18 September 2015


I teach Fine Art part time at the Sixth Form College that I actually went to as a student myself about 300 years ago!
I am very lucky to work with a very talented team and for the first time I will help deliver the Art Foundation course.
This is something I have always wanted to do and I feel a mixture of excitement and nerves.
Here's one of the Summer Holiday pieces of homework, based on the brief 'Faces In The Landscape'.
(There is even a real snail in there somewhere!)
The first week's work has been based on 'paper' and we have really been challenging those poor students!
Good job they are very talented!
It's been a productive week!
The students have worked in both 2D and 3D.
Morning crit's... The best way to start the day!
Everyone spoke so eloquently about their work, I was very proud.
We have now progressed to making paper garments...can't wait to see the finished results!
If you'd like to follow the Art Foundation course and all the adventures that will ensue, you can find us all on Instagram @metanoia and on blogspot.
I wonder what will happen next!


  1. Oh wow they are super talented!
    I especially LOVE the vintage suitcases that have been turned into miniature gardens what a lovely idea, so sweet.

    Jodie |

    1. Thanks so much Jodie, I'm very proud of them already!
      Love your blog and your work, thanks for popping by x

  2. Can I join on? Is it commutable from Bolton? It looks like an action packed inspiration fest what a great job you have Letitia! Xxdi

    1. You can join our merry gang any time you like chuck x

  3. Fantastic! So fresh and talented. I really - I mean really - like the suitcases!!

    1. Thanks so much Val, I shall pass on your kind comments x

  4. What talent. I do love the top picture & am inspired to put out old leather suitcases in the shop window for a display !
    Wonderful x

    1. My student will be made up to hear that, thank you for your lovely comment x

  5. An exciting new venture for you - I have a feeling you are going to LOVE it, the students are clearly a very talented bunch. xxx


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