Saturday, 26 September 2015

Oo! It's A day Out In Battlesbridge!

I'd never been before, it was fab!
That's right Hubby, you just wait there while I have a mooch around!
This place just keeps getting better!
We also had the pleasure to meet Alfie...
But he wasn't for sale!
We also found a hanger full of old amusements, we had a rare old time!
The 'Fortune Teller' was my favourite, she reminded me of Miss Havesham with a thick layer of dust in her hair.
Mini Goth loved the 'Haunted House' but I think she found it too scary,
(that's right lass, ham it up for the camera!)
Oo! La! La!
Is this what they use for CCTV in Amytiville?!?!
All dressed up and nowhere to go!
Hope you enjoyed our little pootle today....
Now then, where's those keys for the stocks?


  1. I have that Sindy and the silver frock, or rather Tall Girl does 😉

  2. wow ! I had a little shop at Battlesbridge a while ago, it's 10 minutes down the road from me ! looks like you had a fab time x

    1. What a fab place to live....all that temptation just down the road! X

  3. Severed dolls heads! *runs away*

  4. On my lordy! So much loveliness yet again. Shame Alfie wasn't for sale! I love those haunted house penny arcades so much. I used to feed all my money into the ones in Blackpool when the other kids were playing the penny drop machines and Boot Hill! Accounts for a lot. I also love a nice bit of rusted metal. xx


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