Tuesday, 27 October 2015

It's A Vintage A-Fair!

It's a great atmosphere, with live music, folk dressed in their vintage finery and tea and cake galore!
(Did I mention the stalls of vintage treasures?!?)
Even ol' blue eyes made an appearance!
Look at these beautiful hand made hats.
I was very tempted by these tiny clogs!
Everyone had a great time!
These old ballet shoes reminded me of my childhood...
There were so many glamorous folk with amazing style.
And here's the uber- glam Hayley, of Pigeon Vintage fame!
All of the 'in crowd' were there!
Alice In Buttonland's stall was full of hand made jewellery stands and quirky jewellery.
We had a chat and a laugh as I had a little panic just in front of the stall, because things got a little crowded at one point!
That's when I needed a restorative cup of tea!
We had a little look around the classic cars on the way out, Keith cut a very dashing figure with his beautiful MG.
Hubby liked this one the best...
Then it was time to go home (I blew my budget within the first ten minutes, I just can't control myself when it comes to vintage!)


  1. Replies
    1. The people were even more fascinating than the stalls, I love seeing folk who are really into vintage living x

  2. Oooh all sorts of gorgeousness. Tiny clogs and loads of dolls..perfect. Not to mention lovely happy faces. It looks a wonderul day.xx

  3. That looked like a very good fair. Like you, I'd have spent my pennies judging by all of the lovely stuff in your photos!

    1. Yes, i do feel a bit guilty with Christmas shopping looming...only a bit mind! x

  4. Great atmospheric post, you managed to let us have a good look round. What is it about a man in a uniform or is that just me? embarrassed to say I saw the ballet shoes on instagram and thought they were red peppers... x

    1. Ha! ha! they really do look like peppers!
      Thats so funny x


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