Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Gothic Goings-On!

Well, it's that time of year again....Mini Goth's favourite day...
We started the day at the fabulous Rusty Shears cafe...
Just the place to have one's black lippy applied and to fuel up with their delicious granola breakfast.
Mini Goth's Steam Punk- esque outfit was made by my lovely Mum and myself from a charity shop found dress and a remnant of fabric.
Not bad for £5.50!
I love the decor in the Rusty Shears...
(Middle wasn't keen on the fox though!)
But she did enjoy the doggy-chinno!
Now it's time to hit those spooky streets of Whitby!
There were just so many amazing costumes...
And there were even Steam Punk mobility scooters!
I was one proud Mummy!
Lottie enjoyed being papped!
And I even found a plastic ice cream that I had never photographed before!

There were lots of Goth- Dogs too!
And as the day drew to an end, all the Goths and revellers made their way home...
And the Dracu- Chihuahuas flew off into the night...


  1. Wonderful photos of a fun festival !

    1. Thanks chuck, it really was a fab atmosphere there x

  2. amazing!!!! inspiring!!! well done all!

    1. Thanks so much, it really had a festival feel to it x

  3. Lottie certainly looks the part! Loving the Goth dogs, and how everyone throws themselves into the costume-making with real gusto! xxx

    1. I bet you could rustle up a fabulous outfit, you would really love it there x

  4. Brilliant! What a fabulous event, great fun :)

  5. Lottie looks totally gorgeous - she rocks steam punk! x

    1. Cheers Miss G&T, we are planning next year's outfit x


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