Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Mrs B Weekender At Hope and Elvis: The Saturday!

This was the first ever full on Weekender for Mrs B and what a weekend it was!
Louise looked after us all so well, as always, and Sam, Miss Debs and Di Tinker Taylor (#lacetrolleydolly) helped out so much.
I also want to apologise for the lack of photos, especially of the finished work, I was in such a giddy whirl half of my photos were so blurry it was ridiculous!
Luckily Louise has taken lots of wonderful in- focus pictures, which can be seen here on the Hope and Elvis Face Book page.
The room soon filled with friends old and new, it was a real hive of activity,
and cake!
(Thanks Mum and Jean from across t'road.)
Go girls, go!
Ch- oons were played....
and images were transferred...
Suit case envy!
Beautiful compositions began to emerge...
Surveying the kingdom that is Hope and Elvis!
Memories were preserved and stories surfaced.
Mixed media happiness!
I am always astounded at how different everyone's work is.
Loves a bit of neon I do!
A happy day indeed!
(Many thanks to Sam and Di (#lacetrolleydolly) for helping out with the photos too.)
What am I like!
I loved seeing all of the beautiful work emerge, thank you all for coming along for the mixed media party!


  1. Well, you know what I think about it. Glad you enjoyed it too! x

  2. Some fantastic work produced from a bunch of obviously talented ladies, brought out by an obviously talented teacher. You can tell they're all enjoying it by the look of concentration on their faces, it's like looking at a class of 6 year olds minus the tongues sticking out the side of the mouth. Nice looking cakes, wouldn't want to have to clear up the studio after it all though! x

    1. I was utterly inspired by the creativity in the room, such a fab group of talented artists x

  3. Oh wow!! How fabulous, looks like great fun, wish I was there!

  4. Replies
    1. Cheers chucks, I really enjoyed the whole weekend and everyone made such fab work x

  5. How lovely! Your workshops always seem so friendly, creative and fun - great people, great work, with added cake, perfect! xxx

    1. Thank you Curtise, I hope everyone enjoyed the day half as much as I did! X


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