Thursday 9 June 2016

Whoop!Whoop! Hope and Elvis Workshop In December!

I'm so bloomin' excited!

Mrs B's 'Adventures In Abstraction' Weekender is now listed on the Hope and Elvis website!

On the Saturday we shall be experimenting with a variety of quick but effective printing techniques, mixed media and acrylic paint on MDF and paper.

Here's one I prepared earlier.....

(I've always wanted to say that!)

(The paintings should go side by side, but I'm not clever enough to do that!)

And on the Sunday, we shall be working on three boards or canvases, and I'll talk you through each layer so that you try out loads of different painting techniques and approaches to abstraction.

These are the types of techniques you'll be trying out, which I've used in these earlier paintings:

Fields and Furrows


Blue Cloud

When I first started painting in an abstract way I was terrified, and frankly, a little bit embarrassed.

You see, I thought that you had to have a special shiney badge that said

'I am good enough to call myself an abstract painter.'

But gradually I realised that abstraction simply gave you permission to have fun with paint.

It brings me joy, and once the crazy sense of elitism and mystique has been removed from the equation, it is a really liberating experience.

All levels of experience are welcome to these workshops, and it really doesn't matter a jot if you haven't picked up a paint brush since your school days.

(Oh, and did I mention that there will be copious amounts of cake!)

Wishing you a wonderful sunny weekend, I hope to see some of you lovely folks at the glorious place that is Hope and Elvis in December!






  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, I really love it at Hope and Elvis, 'tis a place of pure inspiration! X

  2. Again, I would so love to do a Mrs B workshop. I love abstract so much and I know exactly what you mean about the shiney badge. I find it so exciting and liberating to paint abstract work. Everyone should have a

    1. Yes, I think that's the biggest barrier I had to cross xxx


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