Monday 13 June 2016

Metanoia End Of Year Exhibition!

Friday was the day we had been working towards for three months, the Foundation Diploma End of Year Exhibition, show casing our eleven intrepid students' Final Major Project.

Not only did they have to produce the art work, but set up a pop-up gallery as well!
Our wonderful technicians have been absolutely brilliant with both the organising and installation aspects of this very ambitious project, and the students worked together to raise all the money and make a dis-used shop into a stunning gallery space.

Fancy a look around the exhibition?

Lucy's exhibit explored the fragility of mortality and was a real test of dedication and endurance.
This huge cloak was hand embroidered and Lucy would take it with her everywhere, stitching whenever she could.

Hannah's stunning series of photographs included all the disciplines covered in the Foundation course and really pushed the boundaries of photography.
Her concepts about the 'Motherverse,' of a creative's skills base, was both insightful and thought-provoking.

'Through language we not only live in a world but create it as well.'

Charlotte's illustrations were based on bees and she created a commercial range of stationery that would suit a wide demographic.
She really explored a wide range of experimental mark making techniques to create a large body of items.

Serena's abstract paintings communicated the sense of the 'empty nest' that is created when the youngest child of the family leaves home.
Her work is entitled 'Emotional Absence' and strives to 'capture the impermanent, the transitional'.

Alex is interested in creating marks that the human hand is not capable of.
He has produced intriguing contraptions and devices, his work space has been very interesting this year!


Carla questioned what art actually was and how the gallery environment can alter the context of the everyday.
Accidental marks, worn surfaces and wabi sabi provided her starting point and her installation challenged the viewer.

Im afraid that Jake's work was difficult to photograph as it was on the stairwell and was accompanied with a projection also.
He set himself the ambitious challenge of both creating and promoting a new branding company.
This photograph doesn't do justice to the scale of this display.

Chelsea series was entitled 'War Paint.'

'Exploring deception.
How deception horrifies, incriminates, desensitises and brings about vulnerability.'

I loved how she displayed her work and how the lighting altered her work so dramatically.

Sara's projections were beautiful and mesmerising.

'Feelings and stimuli blur out.
Emotions fade, astral bliss.
Unphysical state like a vacuum.
Lack of structure, size and shape.'

(Sorry Sara, I couldn't resist taking a selfie in front of it!)

Tasha explored the role of gender in contemporary society, female sexuality and politics in this large scale installation.
Lighting effects and a sound track also accompanied the work, (there aren't many students who can include the use of a paddling pool in their artistic practice but Tasha, you ROCKED it!)

Poppy created a beautiful and sensitive installation entitled 'Dear Prudence' as a touching tribute to her Mum.
'Exploring the concept of how the mind processes thoughts, feelings and memories.'

All of the John Leggott College Foundation students have degree places or employment in the creative industries and I know that they all have an exciting future ahead of them.

To say that I am proud is an understatement.
It has been a privilege to teach you, although I think that you have taught me more.

I am also incredibly proud to work within such a talented department, I was pretty nervous about teaching on this course but it has been the most exciting challenge in my teaching career.

(Im going to have to stop writing now because Im getting all maudlin and sad but Im going to miss you crazy bunch so much.)


  1. Great Blog Letitia it has been great having you as such a brilliant teacher for 3 years now and i'll sure as hell be back to haunt you in years to come and let you know how i'm doing :D x

    1. Please, please keep in touch.
      Thank you me dear for being such a pleasure.
      Sob! X

  2. You did have a exceptionally talented set of students. They come up with some fantastic pieces of work. I might not 'get' everything , but I can see the thought and work that have gone into their pieces.
    I especially liked Carla's piece. I've always been interested in the back of things,be it a piece of embroidery or a building, and people's workspaces which is sought of represented in her piece. Art isn't just a piece on a wall.
    Well done to all of them.

    1. Thank you so much Louise, Im glad you enjoyed the tour! x

  3. Bloody hell. Beyond gobsmacked here! That is just amazing. Someone phone The Serpentine!!!

    1. Ha! Ha! thank you me dear, they are a great bunch of creative souls x

  4. How wonderful to teach these talented students but also learn from them x

    1. Yes Miss BadPenny, and I think I have had the better part of the bargain x


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