Thursday 2 June 2016

A Day Out...

I love Lincoln, and today we had a day out so that we could visit The Usher Gallery.
I was really excited to have one of my paintings included in the Lincolnshire Artists' Society's 110th Annual Exhibition.
We also, quite by chance, happened upon one of mine and Mini Goth's favourite shops, Forty Four, on the top of Steep Hill.
It's always full of quirky treasures and temptations...
After much 'oohing and aahing' we had a pootle around the Cathedral Quarter...
We also paid a visit to the stunning 'Poppies Wave' installation at Lincoln Castle.
(Sorry about the selfie!)
Time for ice cream!
And my ever so lovely hubby bought me a pressie...
a beautiful unicorn lamp shade from Forty Four!


  1. I love Lincoln, and such an amazing cathedral. I'm a little worried about the weather, though. We've been wearing shorts and T-shirts for weeks here. It'll be a rude awakening when I move to Wales!

    1. Such a beautiful part of the world, can't wait to see your photos! X

  2. Confession time! I've never been to Lincoln! My loss by the look of it.

    But I recognise those lampshades! Lush Designs if I'm not mistaken!

    1. Well spotted!
      It was such a lovely surprise gift! X

  3. OOH! what a wonderful day out! love your painting! and that shop looks wonderful! loved the poppy art too!

  4. We loved Lincoln when we visited last year, lucky you to see the poppies wave, they are stunning aren't they? and I do love your lampshade!

  5. Thank you Lyn,
    It is such a lovely place and the poppies were an added bonus! X


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