Saturday, 29 October 2016

Queen Of The Harvest...

Directly behind my house are acres of farm land.
Miles of flat Lincolnshire countryside with big, big skies.
The farmers have been working hard day and night the past few weeks, ploughing and harvesting.
And even though farming is big industry, I sometimes see the farmer standing in the middle of his fields.
He needs to care for his crops and stay in tune with the land.
Perhaps that is what inspired 'Queen Of The Harvest'.
I think she will be part of my little online exhibition.


  1. Oh she is very regal looking and has her eyes on something for sure. We back on to farm land too but they haven't ploughed yet, something I love to see.

    1. It fascinates me every year, we've had potatoes behind us this time! X

  2. It's many years since I've been to Lincolnshire, but I do love those big open skies and I enjoy your artwork postings

    1. Thank you so much me dear, what a lovely thing to say xxx


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