Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Grand Day Out...

Last weekend we had a lovely day out in the beautiful market town of Louth.
My first port of call was H and J Arts and Crafts, a fab art shop, stuffed to the gills with goodies...
...let's just say I left a few shillings lighter!
Then we paid a visit to the wonderful Frockety Boo, the most glorious vintage dress shop ever!
Chihuahuas are also welcome!
Eep! Look at the shiney shoes!
An arty photo of mother and daughter Doc's!
Then we pootled next door to the very eclectic and totally wonderful Hailes Den, (I've also started to notice that Mini Goth is not so 'mini' any more....where has the time gone?!?!)
I love places like this...
Please can I have this kitchen?
A bit of a selfie and an unintentional 'cheeky' photo!
(Seems like the hubby has found himself a new lady friend!)
And after all that, we topped off the perfect day with fish and chips and a bag of sweets.
Happy days indeed!


  1. I'm a complete ignoramus! I don't know Lincolnshire at all.

    And I suspect I am missing out!!!

    Need to pack my bags and head to Louth!

    1. There's lots of lovely countryside and interesting little towns, the charity shops are pretty good too! X

  2. Great photos! The new lady friend, doesn't seem too sure about it though!I've been meaning to visit Louth...now I know where to shop while I'm there!

    1. That's great! Hope you have a grand day out too! X

  3. Replies
    1. It was so good, it seems like months of bad weather, especially on Saturdays, and then we had some sunshine and we were off like a shot! X


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