Sunday, 31 March 2019

A Few Of My Favourite Things...

When Spring is in the air it's time to tidy, clean and dust!
And as I was flicking my duster around I thought I'd photograph some of my favourite treasures while the sun was shining!

I think that this little lass must have come off a cuckoo clock but she seems quite happy perched on the edge of my shelf.

(Can't resist a pair of children's shoes!)

This dolls' house is very useful for my scrips and scraps.
(Apologies for the scary clown, I bought him years ago because I was going to use the pieces of beautiful vintage fabric that he's made of, but then he looked at me with those evil clown eyes.........)

This (1960's?) Swiss wall plaque was going to be thrown out by the lady working in the back of the charity shop but I saved him!
(It always worries me about what treasures are thrown away and not even put on the shop's shelves for folks like us.....)

My beloved Sylvac bunnies that I've collected since I was a child.

Some Christmas decorations should be left out all year!

A duck on a caravan, what's not to love!?!

I hope you've enjoyed my little snapshots, have a lovely Sunday chucks X


  1. I love all your little eclectic goodies, just such fun, they bring a smile.

  2. This was like looking around my own home! Bambi, children's shoes, sylvac bunnies, babycham and toy caravans. It's quite uncanny. And I love all mine too. Keep saying I'm going to do the minimalist thing but just can't part with some things. I might draw the line at evil clowns though!! X

    1. We must be kindred spirits! And I completely agree about the clown.....Im too scared to move it!!!! x

  3. I love all your clever little arrangements and the use of the doll's house is sheer genius! x

  4. You have the best bits and bobs around your house. I'd be shoving a few of them in my basket if I visited. haha
    LYnn xx

  5. Fascinating, I love the playfulness. Sparks Joy as Mrs Kondo would say.

  6. Treasures indeed, though not sure about the dolls head, but then I really don’t like dolls at all. I just find them too creepy.

    1. Thank you me dear, I do know that dolls heads are a bit like Marmite!!!! x


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