Sunday, 3 March 2019

The Suffragette:

I really enjoyed stitching this piece as I really didn't have a clue what it would be about when I started.
I began by stitching a face without a drawing to refer to and it took me quite a while to work out who she was.
As soon as her eyes appeared I knew she was one determined woman!

It certainly isn't the most efficient way to work, but sometimes not having a plan can lead to quite unexpected results (and quite a lot of unpicking!)

I hope you like her.
Wishing you a very creative weekend.


  1. I do like her. I like the determination in her face. You’ve captured the right look wonderfully well
    Lynn x

    1. Thanks so much, I really enjoyed stitching her x

  2. She's lovely and very timely as today is International Womens Day :)

    1. I think that must have been in the back of my mind as I started stitching! x


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