Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Gelli-Plate Printing Workshop At The Steel Rooms:

I just thought I'd let you know about a gelli-plate printing workshop that I'm teaching at The Steel Rooms on May 18th.
(Hope you don't mind me mentioning it!)

I really love this method of mono-printing as it's so forgiving...
if you don't like something, you just print over it!
It's a really spontaneous and playful way of printing, and it can often spark new stories and characters...

just like this chap here.
 I photocopied him from an old photograph of a brass band.
I think he's rather handsome, and I imagined him breaking hearts across the the land as they travelled from band stand to bandstand during the summer season!

This printing method is also great for creating abstract compositions and experimenting with different colour palettes.
I'm really looking forward to chucking some paint around, and I promise to blog about our arty shenanigans too.


  1. Don't mind your mentioning : of course you should do that !

    (would be nice to attend ...)

  2. Oh but you were nearer, I would come and join you.
    Your storytelling is magical. I’m well swept away with the bandman wooing all the ladies around the country. I can imagine him winking at them from behind his trombone
    Lynn xx

  3. That looks fun and different, goodluck - hope you get a nice bunch of students.

    1. Thank you chuck, Im looking forward to it x


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