Sunday, 17 March 2019

Shop Love!

I'm a huge fan of Boyes, a chain of shops across the north of England.
There's a real old fashioned charm about these stores, (they also have a brilliant haberdashery department and seem to sell everything, including hair rollers!)
They even have a Boyes museum in Bridlington and I was fascinated by the vintage packaging.

Ooo...look at the paper!

Don't you just wish that shops looked like this now!


I always stock up on their notebooks when I visit, I'm sure they're from the 1960's don't you think!

(By the way, this isn't an advert or anything like that, I just wanted to share the photos with you all!)


  1. HA, now thát's what I call VINTAGE !!!!
    (ohhhhh that shiny floor boards ;-) !)

  2. Yes wouldn't it be wonderful to walk through that shop door and be transported back in time like some of your pictures. I remember a small grocery store where we lived and all the things on the shelves, Tide laundry powder, the old corn flake packaging, shoe polish tins, but most of all I remember that smell of wood - not many shops these days have original wooden fittings - they just don't smell the same!


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