Wednesday 16 October 2013

A Grand Day Out In Lincoln!

Last week we ventured out to Lincoln Cathedral with our lovely BTEC Fine Art students.
No matter how many times I go there, it still is awe inspiring.

I was very proud of how hard they worked.
Look, an official Lincoln Cathedral tea trolley!
I even managed a couple of sketches on my trusty iPad!

We were even granted an audience with the resident cat!
We even managed to pop into the fabulous vintage shop on Steep hill (all in the name of research of course!)
Why didn't I buy these?
Dinner time!
All in all, a grand day out!


  1. fabulous, the patterns in that doorway are scrummy x

  2. OOOh I do love a grand day out with food and treats too.....
    bestest Daisy x
    PS. Ah ha!! You have rumbled me and my future plans.....Yes its me its me..I have made it to the workshop list.....ho ho ho and a bottle of tea and cake....excitedly yours...x

    1. This is so exciting Miss Jones, can't wait to meet you! X


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