Wednesday 30 October 2013

A Strange Week Indeed...

First of all, let me apologise for inflicting you with a photo of my mug.
I can't believe I have taken a selfy!
A week ago I found out that I have alopecia and I was mortified (especially since my name rhymes with it! )
'Hello, my name's Letitia and I have alopecia.'
However, I digress (how unlike me) and after the worst week of my life, just sat in front of a mirror literally crying as my hair fluttered to the floor, I am fine.
Really fine.
I have taken this as a positive thing, I haven't been looking after myself very well, not eating properly, not finding time to exercise and getting stressed.
And I found out that I have the best family and friends in the whole wide world.
When I went into work on Monday I had rehearsed over and over in my head how I would casually drop it into the conversation. But of course that went wrong and it just spewed out my mouth in a jumble of nonsense and tears.
But in less than a minute I had my head tipped upside down showing everyone me baldy bits and laughing my head (and hair) off.
There is one thing I've promised myself though, I'm not going to hide it.
If I wear a wig it will be pink, if I wear a turban it will put Carmen Miranda's to shame and if I just go bare headed then I will stick a plaster over my eyebrow and be tank girl.
I'm going to style it out and rock the look.
So every now and then, if you don't mind, I shall be having a new slot in my blog called 'Alopecia Chic'.
My mum has been a star and cut my hair in a bob last night and pretty soon I'm going for a crop.
Hopefully it'll be more Emma Watson and less Uncle Fester.


  1. I salute your attitude and look forward to seeing your Alopecia Chic! You have good bone structure, you can carry this off. Having good friends and family around you makes it all bearable. I've been through burn out and there does come a point where the body just says 'that's enough' . . . it's a long tough road back from that so LOOK AFTER YOURSELF.!! much love and good thoughts coming your way xxxx

  2. Sending you all my love and hugs and well done you <3 for bringing this condition to our attention! Lots of love, Marilyn from Cornwall. Xx

  3. You look smashing, love. However you choose to style it, go large! Perhaps it will be temporary, so it's time to take care of yourself.
    Keep laughing, it's the cure for everything.
    Susan x

  4. You are so beautiful Letitia, inside, outside, upside down, hairy, shaved or bald. Love you lots and you will be fine x

  5. Thank you for all your support and positive vibes.
    I really am a lucky chap to have such great friends and family x

  6. I know someone who has alopecia. Like you she has good bones so looks wonderful! Her hair is patchy and sometimes it's short, sometimes she wears a wig (has several in fact) and sometimes she shaves her head. A fetching little skull cap or ten in all colours. Looks fabulous in all variations.

  7. did a selfy!!....loving the headband & specs can pull it off Mrs B.....xx

    1. Of course I did a selfy...I am down with da kids! X

  8. Now I never knew that was called a selfy...!
    Your selfy self scrubs up well!!

    Thinking up some help you feel better...

    1: Think of all the pounds you can save on hairdressers...and spend them elsewhere?
    2: never having to search for a hair brush again.
    3: everyone will assume its much worse than alopecia and will let you go to the front of all the queues.
    4 never having a bad hair day again...because any hair is a good hair day.!!

    oops hope I haven't gone too far?

    seriously I do understand, poor you...mine got very thin during a stressful time in my life, but it sorted itself out as soon as i sorted myself out...

    You are gorgeous, no matter love from me D x

  9. Dear Moss Daisy,
    Of course you haven't gone too far me dear, this is the type of cheeriness I love!
    Not sure I can save money though! I'm already eyeing up the outrageous wigs on Etsy.....which one first, pink or blue?

    1. Do they do a bluey green? more like a teal blue...mmmm sounding good already!

  10. Fab and brave post. I used to work with a girl with alopecia years ago and her hair was a beautiful pale ginger and she kept it cropped really short. I thought she looked so amazing and was always disappointed when she wore a wig. She just looked os ordinary. A regular Alopecia chic slot sounds fab.

  11. lordy lord what a post! didn't know whether to laugh or cry! (i suppose a bit like you!) oh my darling what a week and what an amazing spirit you have! rocking out the extreme look, you can do that with your face and bone structure.....i just want to climb into the laptop and hug you xxx

  12. You lot are just the best blogging buddies ever!
    Love you x

  13. I'm so sorry to hear this. We women have a strange relationship with hair, don't we? Complaining, removing, coloring,cutting,shaving,plucking,curling,'s never enough. Embrace what's left and make the most of it=great atitude. If you change your mind about the realistic wigs Iman makes some really high quality ones sold on HSN for under $200-they are really beautiful and realistic.

  14. Yay for seeing you and I love your ironic humour. Only real troopers who pick themselves up again can laugh at having a name which rhymes with their condition. So sorry to hear about your hair situation and how it knocked you as it would all of us. Keep in there though sweet talented lady and you'll be just fine and dandy, sounds like you have some gooduns around you. Now please look after yourself from now on.

    Loves Lisa X

  15. Cheers for all the help and support x
    Promise I will look after myself too!
    Have eaten so much fruit and veg I will go pop!

  16. You still look great, you have a really pretty face! Look after yourself x

  17. Your beautiful with or without hair!

  18. When I worked in the fashion industry, I remember one of the designers telling me her hair fell out when she was a kid, and that her mum used to glue fake flowers to her head. Anything goes! Sending positive vibes. Charlotte x

  19. Mrs Bertimus, you are one very stylish lady hair or not....
    Your creativeness and wonderfully positive attitude will make all the difference........keep smiling.
    Sending sunshine and hugs from Oz......X

    Sweet Birdy Love

  20. Just catching up in blog land - oh lovely, it's stress to add to the stress. You'll be totally gorgeous whatever and I expect a totally fabulous Carmen Miranda turban when we catch up next year - including the fruit! X

    1. Ha! I shall be rocking the look to the max on our day of happiness!
      All the best x

  21. Hi there Mrs Bertimus, just found your blog via pinterest (I pinned your hare cushion I'm Little Meadows) love your work, by the way, but do not know if you have been to the doctors or not I have an underactive thyroid condition (autoimmune) I have suffered a lot of hair loss over the years (one of the symptoms) you should see what comes out of my hair brush after brushing and more worryingly when I have just washed my hair. Many autoimmunes can cause this, fortunately I had very thick hair to begin with so it feels sort of normal nowadays. Sorry if I am going over old ground you may have been for alsorts of tests but you never know I thought it was worth a mention. Look after yourself xx

    1. Dear Miss Posie,
      What a lovely thing to do, taking the time to contact me.
      I am very fortunate indeed as I have been thoroughly checked out and all is fine.
      Thank you so much for your concern chuck.
      I am properly looking after myself and am treating this as a warning to slow down and calm down!
      All my love x


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