Thursday 10 October 2013

It's So Good to Be Back!

The evil copper wire bandits have visited again.
How dare they, don't they know I have a hungry blog to feed?
But the Wi- Fi is back and I'm one happy girl!
AND I found a charity ch-reasure today for 25p!
He's a little chalk figure with a flat back...I had to bring him home!


  1. omg he's gorgeous! Call him Moses! I had a wire haired fox terrier puppy this year, we got him from 10 weeks old buut at 10 months old i had to rehome him as my 8 year old irish terrier just wouldn't accept him and dog fights around 3 little kids is no joking matter! Moses was the best little dog....he was my broke my heart to a gazillion pieces to let him go! This little guy is so like him! you struck terrier gold x

    1. So sorry to hear that Jane.
      He is now officially christened and I shall always think of your Moses when I look at him x


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