Thursday 24 October 2013

Hippetty Hop!

Just made another one of my hare brooches.
What I really love about scribbly patchwork is how the fabrics kind of melt into each other.
Most satisfying indeed!


  1. This is just gorgeous, stunning, luvverly - I really really like it if you hadn't already guessed.
    I wrote a comment on your post about Hope and Elvis, but it deleted yet again so I gave up. I'll give it a go here to say it looked a wonderful day. How I wish it was nearer to my neck of the woods, we only have this twee making place which is ok for novices and people who are happy stitching flag cushions, but when you really want to explore your creativity there's nothing about sadly. I saw you're doing a workshop too - see I'd have liked that as well as would love to machine stitch (my attempts are appalling) and I'd have got to meet you too so there you go.

    Happy days. Lisa X

  2. Thank you so much Lisa!
    I apologise for my misbehaving blog, how weird!
    Your comments mean so much as I'm a HUGE fan of your beautiful blog.
    I am sure, one day, we shall meet chuck!
    Seriously, with the machine stitch....just scribble and then scribble some more!
    Happy days indeed. Letitia x

  3. How oh how do you do that??? oh well I will have to wait until April!
    (..she gloated....and wickedly laughed aloud at having secured a place on the workshop.ha ha ha haaaa)

  4. Love the way the patchwork fragments blend in to each other and the background.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you miss Nora ,
      That's the bit I really love doing because you never know how it will turn out!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks miss G!
      Hope you're having a fab weekend me dear x


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