Saturday 19 October 2013

O happy Hope And Elvis Day!

I've just returned from another brilliant workshop at Hope And Elvis.
Today we were treated to a day with Viv,the wonderfully talented designer- maker of Hens Teeth fame.
Firstly we swooned over her beautiful wares...
And then got down to work...
Sujata is working very hard (honestly, there's no time for tea and Tunnocks or anything! Ha!)
Go Nicola! Go! (Nicola had no time for gossip and giggles either!)
Look at Mandy's needle flying!
Jenny, action shot!
Leah, a picture of calm and tranquility...
Everyone's work look so gorgeous in their pastel, blankety goodness.
My partners in crime, Sam and Debs, made some lovely stitched pictures, Louise was so generous and let us use pieces from her treasured quilts. The fabric was so soft, I carried a little piece around with me for most of the day, it was my noo- noo!
Look at Sam's little textile landscape...sigh.
And here is Debs' beautiful collage.
And quelle surprise, a scribbly hare popped up on mine!
I found the biggest pair of scissors in the world, as modelled by Sam!
And I also found the most beautiful scrap of blanket ever!
Miss Debs made the most beautiful, delicate needle case.
Look at the table set for dinner!
And just look at the spread!
'Nuff said!
Viv's beautiful tangled basket of threads.
Ooo the shop! The shop!
I always visit the shop before I can start anything.
Whenever I go to a gallery or museum I always have to visit the shop first, is that naughty?
Am I shallow?
Louise, I hope you don't mind me photographing your loo but I think it's fab!
Look, look a genu- iiiiiiine Mr Finch!
Viv and Louise.
Thank you both for a glorious day, and for your generosity in both materials and skills...and laughs!
I so love the garden here.
I treated myself to a beautiful Hens Teeth pin cushion:
And Viv very kindly gave us all a card and key ring as a memento of our day with her.


  1. Ahh, I bet you had a crackin' time with Viv. I recognise a lot of those faces from Facebook! Quite a party eh?

  2. Looks like you all had a fabulous time, I wish I could have joined you, x

  3. My goodness, what a feast for the eyes. I'm sure Viv must sew round the clock, as she always has so many new stitcheries for sale! Looks like a fab day, wel jel! x

  4. It was the best day EVER ladies!
    I can't sleep because I'm still buzzing!
    Viv is amazing!

  5. ooo how i wish i was there with you! x

  6. What a fabulous day you all had!

  7. Told you you would have fun! And Mandy was there, am sure she lives at Hope and Elvis. You looked gorgeous btw - note no photos of you on here!!!! Roll on April x

    1. did you see me though? Am intrigued! X

    2. You will have to wear a yellow carnation in your hair on the workshop! X

    3. Louises photos on fbk have you on them! Ooh yellow carnations - real or made?!

    4. Tee! Hee! I'll leave it up to your discretion, although vintage plastic ones would look fab! X

  8. Oh how I wish I had been there, such a wonderful day. Love all the work that was created too. Jayne x

    1. You will really have to try and visit this hallowed place some time x

  9. How sooouper Viv is a lovely and talented lady...and that there hope and elvis shop/workroom is lovely...I always go to the shop first...just to see what they have...then I do the exhibition and buy after...funny that!

  10. Mrs. as gorgeousboth inside and out, as I imagined. What a treat it was to be with you yesterday. I hope you didn't mind me giving you the benefit of my wisdom, must learn to keep my *wisdoms* to myself :) Thank you for writing such a perfect post about a perfect day xxx

    1. It was an honour to meet you Viv. I was knocked for six that you knew my work and would share your experience with me. It really, really meant a great deal to me.
      You are a very generous tutor x

  11. Just Wow! Thank you for taking so many wonderful pictures!

  12. I too recognised a lot of lovely faces at my most favourite place in the world. What a fabulous time you all had (I too cannot resist the shop!) xxxx

    1. Thanks Diane! I don't feel so naughty about the shopping now! X

  13. That looks fab ! VV jealous. Lizzie x

    1. Don't be jealous, I'll always share with you chuck! X

  14. Oh my, how lucky you are. I own a Dennis the Donkey brooch by Viv and I were it on my coat almost every day.


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