Saturday 13 September 2014

A Bit Of (Cornish) Rootin' Tootin' Car Bootin'!

Cornwall is famed for its pasties, surf and stunning scenery...
Well, I think the car boots should also be included on this list!
Why didn't I buy you? Sob!
I was in heaven!
I really must buy a record player...
Look how cool the coffee van was!
And how big were the hot dogs!?!
But then we grew a little weary, and a certain chihuahua became a bit overheated in the midday sun!
Happy days indeed!


  1. Oh my goodness what beautiful treasure you did spy!!
    love love love as always
    D x

  2. Looks great - but how could you leave that old push-along toy behind?! xxx

  3. Now that's my idea of a boot sale. And a hot dog.x

  4. Thanks so much chucks for your comments.
    That push along horse will always haunt me...why do we sometimes listen to the voice of reason and not our heart? Sob!
    Then again, of I always listened to my heart I would be penniless now!
    That car boot is awesome and always a highlight of our holidays, even hubby likes it! X

  5. Oh my such treasure, such treasure indeedie!

  6. It is the best car boot I have been to, me and my Mum get so excited when we go every year! X


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