Friday, 26 September 2014

Scrips And Scraps....

Just a couple of bits and bobs I have been tinkering with for my Hope And Elvis workshop in November.
(I'm getting that giddy nervous exciting fluttery feeling!)
Here's a little mixed media piece called ' Button Girl'.
(It's one of the techniques we'll be playing with on the workshop.)

And here's another 'Girl On A Swing' slow stitched piece.
I'm really enjoying just playing and getting a bit messy with paints and gel right now.
Hope you get chance to have a pootle about with your scrips and scraps this weekend.


  1. Hope you keep those of us who can't get there up to date with photos! Weekend? yep got off my backside, bought paint, brushes and the cheats stretched canvas already primed, how lazy is that, (memories of tugging and stapling calico) see, you've enthused us even over the internet. x

    1. That's brilliant!
      I too use cheats canvas, I just want to paint!
      Thank you so much for letting me know you r arty plans, hope you blog your art work.
      And as for keeping you informed, I'm sure I will be boring everyone silly with too many photos, so don't you worry chuck!
      Have a fab creative weekend x

  2. Hi, It's Maisie and Charlotte, Deb's students. Thank you so much for out little gifts, we love them and can't wait to work with the bits you have given us, especially the vintage fabrics!
    Lots of love, from Maisie and Charlotte.

    1. That's my pleasure me dears!
      I am so glad that you like your bits and bobs.
      Good luck with your studies and I hope you have fun x


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