Monday 22 September 2014

Fancy A Day Out Chuck?

It's been a bit of a grey old Monday, fancy a day out in Mousehole?
One of my favourite spots to chill out in Cornwall.
Ooo breathe in that sea air!
That's better!
There is art everywhere...
I love the Cornish sense of humour!
With Lottie's cap it looks like some strange dinosaur creature is about to attack me!
(Please tell me that other people do things like this!)

A gen-u-ine Mousehole cat.
I must photograph this house every year, it just makes me smile.
(When I was a student in London we lived in a house called 'Derek' and this brings back many happy memories.)
Shall we go and have a cheeky cream tea now?


  1. Well, Nigel is as good a name for a house as any.
    Love the shadow pic, the beautiful skies, the Pilchard Press sign, the stern warning that "ice cream is food", and of course the beautiful Mousehole cat. Thanks for the tour, Mrs B! xxxx

    1. My pleasure chuck! I'll even shout you a ninety nine! X

  2. I could make a Nigel comment, but I won't! Take me with you!!!! X

  3. Tee! Hee! The mind boggles!
    Course you can come along, do you want scraps with your chips? X

  4. I wonder if they're making plans for nigel? oh well beats dunroamin I suppose.

  5. Cheeky cream tea sounds lovely. I'm on my way!

  6. Yes... I confess to taking shadow pics (see 'Overstretched'). Thanks for the day trip 'my lover' (used to live in Mullion, picked up the lingo). xx

    1. How lovely to have lived in Mullion!
      Do you have a blog Miss Ethel? X

  7. Replies
    1. I'm the opposite Miss G &T , my hubby says to me 'do you want chips with your vinegar?" X

  8. I love these days out - thanks for taking us.

  9. Love a bit of Cornwall. Love the peeks into your Cornwall.

    1. Thanks ever so much chuck, it means such a lot when lovely folk leave me a comment x


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