Thursday, 4 June 2015

Dib Dab, Dib Dab...

I have been working on some concertina books for the Hope and Elvis workshop in November.

Hope you like this little ditty (it's really pretty bad but it's the best I could do!)

O Mr Flat Fish
What a wonderful life,
With no worries
And no strife.
With both of your eyes on the top of your head
You can gaze at the heavens
All day instead.

Ha! Sorry, couldn't resist!

Can I also say a huge, huge thank you to you folks who booked a place on one of my workshops.
I am very excited indeed, and promise not to inflict any of my rotten poetry on you!
(However, my Mum has promised to inflict lots of her gorgeous cakes on you though!)


  1. Ha, I like it! (Though dib dab will always make me think of sherbert and a lollipop!) xx

  2. How wonderful! I hope you have a fabulous time!x

  3. Who won the charity blanket? Has a draw been made yet?

    1. I think the draw has taken place chuck.
      I'm pretty sure I saw it on Instagram, I was so impressed with how much money was raised. X


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