Sunday 21 June 2015

Communal Salad!

Last Thursday was the opening of the Art Foundation End Of Year Exhibition.
'Communal Salad' was held at the 3irty 2wo Gallery.
The amazing thing is that the work exhibited has only been produced in ten weeks, for their Final Project.
Deanna's piece provided a very impressive welcome into the gallery.
Georgina's textiles designs were stunning.
Patrick's sculpture involved so much hard manual work, it was unbelievable.
The variety and breadth of work produced was so inspiring, this is Summer's large scale work.
'1200' is a stunning installation by Becca, comprising of tiny hand sculpted mouse heads made from berries, recycled wood, salt dough and cruelty- free eye liner.
So lovely to see Gwennifer, another of our talented ex- students and a resident artist at 3irty 2wo.
Elli designed a range of merchandise for the 'Teenage time Killers'.
The sweeties went down very well...
As did the Pimms!
Holly's 'Selfie Booth' proved very popular, and as the night progressed it became the 'cool' place to hang out, (just like the kitchen at a house party!)
Selfie alert!
Magda's 'Kolor' paintings were displayed outside in the courtyard and the colours really glowed.
Lizzie exhibited a really thought provoking multi- media installation.
The atmosphere was brilliant, and friends old and new came along to celebrate the end of a very successful year.
How many photos have I taken of Sam taking a photo of me!
Here is Hannah's 'Moving Forward' installation.
Heyyyy! It's Hannah Montana!
And here's t'other Hannah and t'other Sam!
awwww, love this little guy!
(He's such a gorgeous flirt with the ladies!)
Told you the sweets went down well!
Ryan's mobile hairdressing unit was so well constructed and designed.
And one of the toilets became a show case for James' comic book.
'Top banana!' Claire!
Congratulations to all the students and the staff.
Wishing you all the luck for the future.....and don't forget us when you're rich and famous!
( We're gonna miss you SO MUCH Burkitt...sob!)


  1. Amazing stuff Mrs B. This time of year is always a little over emotional with all our bunnies moving onwards and upwards. Love Patrick's sculpture and the textiles. I would wear them! X

    1. Yes, why do we put ourselves through it every year?!?
      I'm so glad you liked the work x

  2. Such a lovely show. Well done all of you. X

  3. Fantastic art, and gorgeous people (especially you!) xxx


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