Sunday 28 June 2015

It's A Leah Halliday Day At Hope And Elvis!

I had the most fabulous day at Hope and Elvis Yesterday, it was the 'Crafters Smock' workshop with Leah Halliday!
Leah is an expert pattern cutter and dress maker, and even though my skills were very rusty indeed, she quickly made me feel that, if I followed each step carefully, all would be well.
Leah helped us to alter our patterns too, if we wished.
You can see Louise ( of Sew Green Fox fame) is concentrating very hard!
And so is Di....we were very studious indeed!
Louise, as always, was there to help....thanks chuck!
Beautiful examples made by Louise and Leah...sigh!

Dinner was absolutely delicious and the sun kindly shone on our little soirée.
The afternoon flew by in a blur of cutting and stitching and laughing...
I have never been so proud of a neck facing in my whole life!
I have a bit of finishing off to do, but it shall be my painting smock and I shall wear it with pride!
Miss Debs was a star, helped us all, and single handedly re- threaded the over locker!
( We likened her to Claudia in the GBSB!)
Look at those machines go!
How I love the Hope and Elvis shop!
Louise's beautiful collections...
All rumours of Tracey being the instigator of the infamous Naughty Corner were dispelled as she industriously stitched away.
Suspicions have been shifted elsewhere, but I wouldn't dare utter who the prime suspect is....
This is one of my favourite photos of the day, this was Louise's work desk, I think it looks like a painting!
Di's beautiful brooch.
It was so exciting when the smocks started to take shape!
I think that Leah was pleased with us!
Obligatory Hope and Elvis loo selfie!
But then it was time to go...
Goodbye my Gnome friend...

Goodbye Hope and Elvis studio...
See you again soon I hope!
PS: And a special shout out to Sandra and Kim, fab to meet you both!


  1. oooh wowee looks like so much fun, so wish it was round the corner!
    and look at your facing !!!! my goodness I'm well impressed chuck....
    congrats to you for a jolly good sew, now can we see it being worn please??
    best d xx

    1. I wish you lived nearby too chuck.
      Will show and tell when I get it finished, promise x

  2. Can't wait to see your make. Mrs B, will you be at H&E on Saturday 4th July? X

    1. Awww wish I was, sorry.
      Please take lots of lovely photos! x

  3. So much gorgeousness! And happiness. I'm much taken with at Louise's lovely collections...I always like to see a cackle (?) of dolls together.xx

    1. Oh I love that! A cackle of dolls!
      I shall try and remember that one chuck! x

  4. oh my goodness gracious me - I hope you aren't instigating that I am the leader of the naughty pack Mrs B because I was v well behaved indeedy on Sunday!!!!!! x

    1. Me?
      I don't know how you could even think such a thing! x

  5. Don't you have a lovely time at your workshops? All of you such busy bees, but there is always time for chat - and lunch! Good to see all those fab pics and smiling faces! xxx

    1. Hope and Elvis is my little piece of heaven on earth.
      It is truly a wonderful place. x

  6. Cor lummy! I wish I lived close enough to attend your workshops!!!

    1. Any of the workshops at Hope and Elvis are amazing.
      Its really worth making a trip, Louise and all the invited tutors are inspirational x

  7. Every time I see photos of Hope & Elvis, I think it looks marvellous, but these are the best ones I've seen for capturing enticing little details of textile and stitchery loveliness.

    1. Thank you so much!
      It really is a magical place, I see something new every time I go x


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