Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Hooray! Jessie Chorley At Hope and Elvis!

I'd been looking forward to Sunday for a very long time indeed.
It was the Jessie Chorley's 'Scenes and Story Garments' workshop at Hope and Elvis!

I was doubly excited (if that was possible!) because a lot of my stitchy buddies were there too.

I had brought a garment to embellish but then this waistcoat stole my heart...

There were lots of vintage French smocks and dresses on the rails too...

Jessie's work is so inspiring:

It was wonderful to see Jessie working too.

Action shot Di!

Everyone's work was so different, and there was a real sense of calm as we all stitched and chatted away. 

Tracey's in the house!
(There was talk of a naughty corner requirement but we were all perfectly behaved!)

Miss Daisy Moon and Miss Debs were also there...

And then it was dinner time.
Magie is such a fab cook, we are always spoilt at Hope and Elvis!

Ive been caught out!

I spent a very happy day working on the pocket of my waistcoat.
It's based on a mouse that we saw in London last Christmas (here are the links here and here.)

I wanted to put a snippet of my journal onto my waistcoat,
I didn't manage to finish it on the day but I certainly had fun!

The obligatory Hope and Elvis selfie!

The prettiest loo in the land!

I've worked a little bit more on my show biz mouse pocket, but theres still a lot more I want to do to my waistcoat.

Thank you Louise, Jessie and Magie for such an inspiring day!


  1. Such lovely pictures of what looks a wonderful day. I do so love your mouse peeping out for nibbles, you are all very talented and a hive of creativity xx
    Hugs Lynn x

  2. What a lovely waistcoat. Thanks for sharing your day Mrs B. X

    1. My pleasure me dear, hope to see you there soon x

  3. Oh, little mouse is gorgeous!
    The workshops always look such a hive of happy industry. xxx

  4. how very FUN...the WORK, the TIME spent together, and DISCOVERIES of all kinds IMAGINABLE! found your rabbit piece on Pinterest, and just love!

    1. Thank you so much Wanda, you've made my day! X


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