Sunday, 29 May 2016

I Love Saltburn-By-The-Sea!

Saltburn-By-The-Sea is such a quirky, artsy place.
It's only small but it's full of character.
And one of my favourite shops there is Northern Lights Interiors...
This little chap wasn't for sale but helps out at the till!
There are so many beautiful and unusual things for sale and it's always curated in a witty and stylish way.
I was sorely tempted by this Minnie Mouse lunch box!
Look at the Noddy light stand!
There was a really funky 'Alice In Wonderland' display outside the library too...
Mini Goth is 'Alice' mad.
The scenery is also stunning, and there's the best little fish and chip shop by the beach...
In fact, I think all this Yorkshire air is even having an effect on Middie!
Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone!


  1. Myself and the kiddiwinks love Saltburn-by-the-Sea too.

  2. Wowzers! It looks like a fantastic day out. Xx

    1. You would love it chuck, very arty and fab scenery. I have even seen some amazing yarn bombing sure you haven't been before?!?!? X

  3. Ashamedly ive not heard of Saltburn but it looks lovely. I think you'd enjoy Hastings down here too. I went recently and was pleasantly surprised - post coming soon!

    1. You would love it Ellie, it's like a tiny Brighton with a very laid back atmosphere xxx


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