Thursday 13 October 2016

A Potter's Studio...

Looking back over my summer holiday photos, I wanted to share with you a beautiful day that I spent at the Leach Pottery in St.Ives.
Bernard Leach was a hugely influential potter, and brought Eastern design principles to his practice when he set up the pottery in 1920 with Shoji Hamada.
Leach's ethos has also influenced my approach to abstract painting, and I was really excited about visiting the museum.
There is just something so beautiful about a potter's studio...
I loved these light switches!
There was a film about the working pottery in the 1950's, I could have watched it all day long.
I even had time for a little sketching...
And just look at the first aid cupboard!
Let's just say our purses were a little lighter after leaving the shop!
I'll be back again another time!
Thanks Mr.Leach, your approach to both art and life is a true inspiration,
(and I think you had the best first aid cupboard and light switches ever!)


  1. How fab to visit. I have two little Leach bowls which were wedding present to my mum. I must ask her more about them x

  2. Wonderful. I love Leach. I visited years and years ago and really ought to have another trip.xx

    1. It's so lovely and the shop is pure temptation!!!!! X


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