Friday 21 October 2016

The Blackbird And The Fight...

Sometimes my painting is a real struggle.
Not just a little tussle you understand, but a full on, bared teeth, bloody minded conflict from start to finish.
In fact, I am rather suspicious of any of my paintings that were 'easy' and simply seemed to flow out of the paint brush.
This is what happened to this one.
I spent the whole day yesterday not putting a brush mark out of place, not even drinking the dirty paint water instead of my tea, and by 9pm I scribbled over the whole ruddy thing.
And after a rather restless night's sleep I was ready for battle this morning.
And slowly a story emerged from the many layers.
(As I paint, I also like to wipe off my brushes on the next support, it 'kills the white' and helps link the paintings together somehow.)
There once was a girl who wanted to know all about the big, wide world.
But she never travelled afar.

So when it was twilight she asked the black bird.
And he had all the answers to her questions in his song.

I think this one will be part of my little 'Winter Time' online exhibition that I'm hoping to have in a few weeks' time.
Happy weekend chucks X


  1. Ooh an online exhibition sounds good. Love love love your ladies and birds x

  2. It's absolutely beautiful... what a profile!

  3. Beautiful story and beautiful painting.

    1. Thank you so much, I think we have such a supportive community here x


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