Tuesday 18 October 2016

Open Studios And Exciting Futures...

A couple of weeks ago the Art Foundation, BTEC and A- Level students visited the beautiful Welbeck Estate for the annual Professional Practice Day.
It is so inspirational to meet the artists, designers and makers in their studios and discuss what it's like to work as a creative practitioner.
I never manage to visit all of the studios, but I did meet the wonderful Hilary Bower.
I absolutely love Hilary's work and I felt so privileged to listen to her talking about her work and her personal practice.
To look through an artist's personal sketch books, to see what materials they use and to be able to ask questions about their work is to experience an act of pure generosity.
I can't even begin to thank everyone enough for sharing so much with our students.
We then had a gorgeous dinner at The Harley Cafe, the food is amazing!
Just look at the fish finger sandwich!
And then there's the home made cakes!
Then we just had time to visit the newly built Portland Gallery, it's stunning.
And I had to finish off the day with the obligatory loo selfie!
It was such a great day, I really love my job and I'm very lucky indeed.


  1. I love looking through sketchbooks, so inspirational. The cakes look pretty damn good as well

  2. Wonderful! What a feast and I don't just mean those huge chips and those cakes!!
    And that is possibly the best loo selfie I've ever seen.xxx

    1. Thank you me dear, it was a really ace ladies loo! X


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