Friday 14 March 2014

Mad March Hare!

I am still stitching away for the Hope and Elvis workshop next month.
This is the largest blanket piece picture I've made so far, I just can't stop obsessing about hares!
Must be Spring time!
I have kept these buttons in my tin of happiness for ages but this is where they are meant to live I think.

I think after the workshop I will make some changes to my Etsy shop and mainly stock my embroidered pieces, do you think that's a good idea?
I think that my work has veered more towards the individually machine and hand embroidered pieces and away from the screen printing.
I'm also thinking of popping in collage pictures too, as I love making these.
I'm feeling quite excited about the new ideas that are bubbling up inside my head, I think that Mr Sunshine has had a lot to do with that!
Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather too and feeling the inspiration!
(Sorry, I'm off for a cup of tea now and a little calm down methinks!)


  1. i love looking at your work the detail is inspiring me to have a go xx

    1. That is so lovely to know.
      Hope you have a fab time, let me know how it goes!

  2. Not long now....and I still haven't made my daff! X

    1. Oooo it's dead exciting!
      I will have to remember that you are now a sultry brunette!
      Have been stitching away like a crazy woman! X

  3. Would have loved to have joined you at hope and elvis, alas, didn´t move fast enough. However, I have just, finally, bought the brooch I have adored for ages in your etsy shop. Not going to miss out on another Mrs B original!

    1. That's such a shame about the workshop chuck.
      Will post to you soon, thanks me dear x

  4. Isn't your hare is a beautiful creature? I love him! xxx

  5. Loving your Hare! Gorgeous! I think change and growth is in the air! Time to shift I think, so yes your ideas sound good. I have just brought the Intuitive painting book you recommended (thank you for that) and I am feeling the need to be bold! Had two poorly little ones at home this week but next week boldness rules! WHOOPY! X

    1. That's fab!
      Hope you have a fab time next week!
      I love the book so much x

  6. i love this! he is gorgeous, your work is so fabulous. i think if you want a change in etsy then that is totally the right thing to do! so so wish i was coming to the workshop x

  7. Cheers chuck, I'm feeling quite adventurous at the mo and change is in the air!
    One day my friend we will meet, it is destiny! X

  8. I love your work, especially the hares. Do you use tapestry fabric for the backgrounds, and do you complete these first? Then thread-paint the hares? Do you have patterns? How to's? Lessons? Let me know

    1. Hello chuck, thanks for your enquiries, I do hope you give it a go as it is so much fun.
      I use woollen blanket or anti macassars as a base and then just cut out pieces of scrap fabrics to make a patchwork effect background.
      You can use a drawing of your own or you could trace a photograph for your design.
      When I cut out the fabric pieces I do use fabric glue to hold it in place while sewing.
      Make sure you drop the feed teeth and use a machine embroidery foot, these are pretty cheap to buy if you haven't got one.
      Then just scribble with your machine and have fun!
      If you make a mistake then just patch over the top!
      I've never thought of making patterns to sell, but you never know!
      I do teach workshops at the fabulous Hope and Elvis in Worksop and The Steel Rooms in Brigg.
      I do hope that that has helped, it's really just about playing on your machine.
      If you need to know anything else then please feel free to contact me again.
      Hope all goes well, do let me know.
      All the best x

    2. Sorry, don't know what went wrong there! X


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