Sunday 23 March 2014

Vintage Joy!

Visited a lovely vintage fair in the very quaint town of Howden...
and bought far too many treasures from the wonderful stall belonging to Miss Debs of 'Once Was'!
How can a girl resist such finery brought all the way from Francias?
Miss Deb's stall must have been enchanted because when something was sold and a gap appeared, another thing of wonder took its place!
All the other stall were jam packed with gorgeous temptations too...

I really lusted after this Welsh tapestry hand bag.
Why o why didn't I purchase?
Loved this cabinet too...
The atmosphere was really buzzy and friendly.
Oh that a vintage fabric stall I spy?
There were some great bargains to be had, have a peek at the website, be warned though, you will want to spend, spend, spend!
I was in bark cloth heaven!
After all that shopping, tea and cake were the order of the day, and very lovely it was too!
I haven't been to a vintage fair for ages and it was really good for the soul.
My treasures are all washed and pressed or displayed with pride.
I also had a tootle around Howden, I've never been there before and it's a really pretty little place with more tea shops per square foot then anywhere else in Christendom I think. (A good place to live then!)
Bought these silk flowers from a really old fashioned grocer's shop that was amazing inside...must go back again to photograph it methinks.
And my treasure of the day?

A brooch handmade by Miss Debs herself, I love it and will always treasure it.


  1. That looks like the loveliest of vintage fairs, And you met darling Debs! I always stop by her stall on Chesterfield market for a gossip and a peruse of her delicious wares. She's a real treasure. xxx

    1. How small so this bloggy world we live in! X

  2. Looks great! I'm panicking about next week, I haven't even made my daff yet! X

    1. Ginny, I am equal parts excited and terrified!
      Can't wait to actually meet you though! X

    2. Oh, me too though that equally terrifies me in case everyone hates me!!!! X

    3. Behave missus! It will be full of kindred spirits eating cake and playing!

  3. tut! I am also seeing things on Miss Debs amazing stall which I should also have purchased! I am a fool Mrs B......xx

    1. Me too!
      It was like I couldn't see it all! (Maybe a good thing, I spent too much anyways!)


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