Tuesday 11 March 2014

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, a little red dolly found her new owner.
She was very happy.
The only thing that made her a little bit sad was that she had never had a home of her own.
She had an O Level in Interior Design and had big plans for her soft furnishings.
She even had a 10% deposit saved up and everything.
That very same day...
the perfect property came onto the market.
It needed a little work but had bags of potential.
Her kindly new owner agreed to lend her the rest of the asking price (£1.00) and a contract was drafted.
And the little red dolly lived happily ever after.
The kindly new owner on the other hand began to notice that scraps of her very precious fabrics began to go missing...it seemed like tiny cushion and curtain shaped pieces had been cut out of them.
Hmmmmm...very strange.


  1. Hmmm and what is the interest rate on that loan...?
    D x

  2. Aww, hope she will be very happy in her new home....I wonder if she will let us have a peek when she's done? :) x

  3. Ahh, how cute. What a sweet little house!

  4. Little red dolly is obviously a keen sewer and interiors expert! How sweet! xxx

  5. Thanks ladies for your lovely comments.
    I keep hearing strange noises in that little house, I think she's got big plans for the renovation!

  6. Love your stories always and love the little girl's house.xx

  7. What a happy story! I hope she will let have a peek at her interior design some time soon! ;)

  8. Glad she's found the home for her without getting missus Allsorts in. Ask her if we can see when all done? X

  9. Adorable....I might visit for a night or two, when she,'s settled in! X

  10. Miss Red Dolly is becoming quite the diva now she's read your comments!


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