Saturday 15 March 2014

What A Lovely Day Indeed!

Today was the 'Make A Mothers Day Brooch' mixed media workshop at The Steel Rooms, Brigg.
Many thanks to Deborah and Lucy for travelling such a long way to come and join in the fun!
Pat and Emma hard at work.
Lucy is the youngest participant I have had at one of my workshops and she certainly did her Mummy proud!
Gratuitous arty shot!
This little fellow was Lucy's inspiration...
Putting together the perfect composition is always the trickiest bit...
Playing with scrips and scraps...
Chatting and laughing (oh, and lots of hard work too!)
How lovely is this for Mothers Day!
Fantastic work Pat!
This one just makes me long for Cornwall and summer...sigh!
So beautiful and sunny Emma!
Lucy, I cannot believe one so young can create such a masterpiece!
This one is packed full of memories by Deborah.
(Or as us posh folk say ' it's imbued with personal narrative'. Ha!)
Your Mum is going to be so pleased with this.
And this one is about the workshop today, notice the sweetie wrapper....(although obviously sweeties and chocs were not scoffed on such an occasion!)
No use in trying to hide Lucy, it's time for the group photo!
Everyone's suddenly gone shy!
Creative mess, the sign that a good time has been had!
Well done ladies, I am so proud of you all!
Then it was downstairs to the amazing cafe for a gorgeous dinner.
(Sorry to embarrass you Pat....but these are Pat's paintings on the wall!)
As well as a beautiful gallery space and cafe of temptation, there is also a shop of joy and delights at The Steel Rooms.
I've had my eye one one of these necklaces for too long now, so a purchase had to be made...
Thank you ladies for all the laughs and inspiration, and thank you to The Steel Rooms for inviting me to join you again for another fun filled day.


  1. Oh I so wish I'd been there - didn't read about it until last night - would have loved to have joined you and made a brooch in memory of my mum; it looks to have been such a joyous day x

    1. It really was a special day indeed.
      So sorry that you missed it but there will be others coming up soon, it would be lovely if you could join in the fun!

  2. Ohhhh errrr....glad you had a lovely day....very JEL.....of the bits are fascinating...I've just made some glass coasters courtesy of Anne Smithies at Chapel Gallery Hawes....with innerds of watches...but our workshop today a la Richmond and Leyburn Embroiderers Guild was applique cushions...Anne provides kits..but afew of us winged it and did our own thing.....See this on - Anne Smithies.....great workshops even better with CAKE!!!!

    1. Thanks chuck, that's a lovely web site indeed x

  3. Wish I could have been there to play with all those pretty things!

    1. It really was fab fun with those scrips and scraps x

  4. oh those brooches are so lovely! what a fabulous workshop x

  5. Looks like you all had a good day. Lovely brooches, and indeed, it was time to buy that necklace! Sorry, couldn't resist that terrible pun x

  6. What a lovely day, and such wonderful work too! xx

  7. Dearest Mrs B...
    Firstly I must apologise for the delay in attempting this comment - one had a graine of the me and the mi type yesterday which rather pounded - wooly head today allows it....
    March 15 twas the most perfect of peachy perfect mornings that I can possibly remember - Loopy and I had such a wonderful time!
    My mummys creation (completed Saturday evening - I couldn't wait) is hanging above the fireplace in the living room for all to scrutinise prior to its handing over on the 30th.
    Loopys are on display awaiting completion - partly, no totally, due to the pur-chase of a guitar of the pink variety from Hemswell! I do believe it was said guitar that caused said graine of the me and the mi to pound due to it being played endlessly on the M62 journey home - and every waking moment there after.
    Hemswell did also provide a rather useful opportunity to discover two perfect books - one for myself and one for Loopy - they sit on the table in excitement awaiting the day they are to be journalified!
    There will be an ikle being under construction later today for you as a tiny thank you for such a fabulous time - he will snail-mail his way to you!
    Oh before I sign off I must mention, Kipper has been beside himself with delight at his new found fame upon your bloggity-blog - thank you kindly!
    Hugs through the ether - tj & Loopy Lu xxxx

    1. Thank you so much!
      It means so much to hear that you both enjoyed the workshop.
      I had the best time ever! I am always a bit nervous before a workshop but it was such good fun!
      So sorry to hear about your poorly head...but just think about the millions of pounds when your lovely Loopy is filling Wembley Stadium!
      I am very excited and taken aback about my surprise, please do not feel that you have to though, it really was a pleasure....I am intrigued!
      I am looking forward to the next workshop!
      Take care me dear and please send my love to Loopy and Kipper x

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