Tuesday 25 March 2014

The Tale Of The Golden Shoes.

Once upon a time, a brother and sister visited their Grandmother who lived in the forest.
Peter and Hilda bickered and quarrelled all day long and this made their Grandmother very sad.
However, the Grandmother knew a little magic, and a little while later she hid a pair of golden shoes in the forest where Hilda and Peter liked to play.
'Look Peter! Look!'
cried Hilda, holding up the pair of golden shoes.
She read out the instructions written on an old scrap of parchment.
'Whoever wears the golden shoes will travel to magical lands and have wonderous adventures.
Put on the shoes,close your eyes and your wishes will come true.'
Quickly Hilda pushed her feet into the shoes, as she did she stuck out her tongue to Peter, and shut her eyes tight.
The golden shoes began to hover above the ground, but Hilda's feet were too small and she fell to the ground with a bump.
Peter laughed and snatched the shoes away.
Unfortunately exactly the same thing happened to Peter.
The brother and sister were most upset.
How could they travel to magical lands and have wonderous adventures now?
But all was not lost and Hilda had an idea.
Hilda put both of her feet into one of the shoes and Peter did the same with the other.
Then they held hands and shut their eyes tightly.
Hilda and Peter had the most wonderous adventures in magical lands and never bickered or quarrelled again.


  1. Love that! Will be reading that to my bickering girl and boy later! X

  2. Many thanks.
    Hope your two like the story x

  3. They love the story, my daughter says "I really like it and it has a good morale and I wish I could have the shoes!" my son says he would go and ride on a unicorn! X

    1. Thank you so much!
      It means such a lot that you have read the story to your children!
      Please thank them for their reviews...my first ever! X

  4. wish I had a pair of golden shoes, they sound and look amazing!

  5. Thanks Miss Nora,
    But you have magic red clogs! X

  6. oohhhh......gorgeous shoes - what size are they?!! I need to travel to magical lands while you know who are here! Sob! xx

    1. Not long to go chuck....then we shall be transported to the pub!
      Woo! Hoo!

  7. Gorgeous looking golden shoes and a beautiful story! x

    1. Thank you me dear, I'm always a bit nervous when I put in my daft stories so it's nice to know you like! X


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