Tuesday 25 March 2014

Just In Case...

Just in case anyone's interested...
Two last minute places have come up on my workshop at Hope and Elvis on April 5 th.
Just click on the link for more details.
Cheers chucks x


  1. Oh if only it wasn't so far away....

  2. Hope the places get taken, I'm sure they will.
    Love those smiley ladies in their envelope!
    Ooh, I like a silver fox so I will have a bigger crush on Lloyd that ever! He's a Derbyshire lad originally. Rattlesnakes (in particular, Perfect Skin) whizzes me straight back to being a student and loving him and his wordy/arty lyrics! xxx

  3. Thanks chuck, it would be nice to have lots of kindred spirits there!
    As for Lloyd, well.....prepare to be transported back in time! X

  4. Poo came up too late for me as man made night away arrangements. Would have loved to met you and miss Daisy if she is still coming. Fingers crossed places filled soon. X

    1. Such a shame chuck but I'll tell you all about it (if all goes well that is!)
      I think we have a full house now so we should all have a jolly time! X


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