Sunday, 4 May 2014

Hope and Elvis Workshop!

I am very excited indeed!
On 22 nd November Mrs B has been very kindly invited back for a pre- Christmas Day of Mixed Media Shinanigans and Stitchery Pokery!
My Mum's booked to bake the cakes (thanks Mum!)
So if you might fancy a day in the fabulous Hope and Elvis studio please take a look at the link, there are lots of other wonderful workshops too!
(Did I mention that I'm really excited?!?!)


  1. Do go if you can, it will be amayzing, I promise! X

    1. must have worked as you're now sold out!!!! (I'll collect my commission when we next meet - somewhere, somehow....) x

    2. You are my lucky charm chuck!
      As Dame Vera once said...'we'll meet again'...

  2. What a brilliant news Mrs B. Well done, did I miss it again? Is there still place left?

    1. Thanks chuck!
      I'm sorry. It I think it's fully booked, however I do think Louise has a waiting list of you're still interested.
      Will be seeing you in a couple of weeks!
      Woo! Hoo!


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