Friday, 2 May 2014

Lurcher Love!

I have been obsessed with lurchers for a long time, often papping them in the street.
(Please excuse the very rough sketch but that's what I work from when I'm embroidering.)
(My poor daughter is well trained in the 'pretend to pose for your mother and then leap out of the way so the poor, unsuspecting pooch can be snapped' technique!)
I have painted lurchers before but never stitched one.
He seemed to be in a party mood...
well, it is a Bank Holiday Weekend after all!
Have a good one chuck!


  1. ahhhh you are the master of your trade....adorable!
    d x

  2. He's brilliant! I love lurchers.

  3. I thought the sketch was gorgeous enough, but the finished embroidery is divine! Isn't he a handsome boy? He has a quizzical look in his eye (probably wondering who the hell plonked that party hat on his head!) Xxxx

    1. It's funny, but you can stitch from the same design and they always come out with their own characters.
      This one is definitely bemused!


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