Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Bonnie Scotland!

I still haven't told you about all the adventures we had in the Easter hols.
(Good job really as this half term is a bit of a chilled out affair, which is actually just what I need).
Anyways, off to Edinburgh we travelled (thinking that it wasn't quite so far away, but it was worth it).
And the first thing I found did nearly make me a little teary-eyed.
You see, many years ago my Mum and me visited Venice and I really wanted to see the Titian paintings but it was closed on a Wednesday!
(I still remember that so clearly as I was gutted!)
But look who I bumped into in bonnie Scotland!
Fancy seeing you in this neck of the woods!
Love a bit of tacky Scottish souvenir hunting I do!

Look at this beautiful lettering...sigh!
Another one for the plastic ice cream cone photo album!
(Lord above, I have a problem!)
Edinburgh is one of those places that you just can't do in a day, I'll be back..


  1. You're right, a day isn't long enough! Edinburgh is a beautiful city, I love it. xxx

  2. can't take you have plastic ice cream cone-itis!!!!...

    A couple of yrs ago I did the day thing...and thought arghhhhh need to come back and at least make a weekend of it....soooooo much to discover!!!

  3. On the way back to the car park on the bus I passed so many charity shops and vintage shops I could have cried!
    I have to go back!

  4. I adore Scotland, it's my spiritual home, have spent many happy weeks there and never want to come home! Your photos stirred up lots of memories for me, thanks for sharing.x

  5. My pleasure Tracy, I'm really pleased you enjoyed the photos x


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