Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Five Fearless Fellows And A Fond Farewell...

Every year it's the same bitter sweet feeling, seeing your students fly the nest and breaking your heart at the same time.
I don't know how many photos of Sam I have in this exact same pose...funny that!
Bye bye my little chickens, I know that I have nagged you all year long, but I have nagged with love!
Sorry, I'm getting all maudlin now...so to change the mood a little, I shall tell you about another event that also happened on this very same day.
The Art, Photography and Design chaps very courageously agreed to have their legs waxed to raise money for the Art Foundation Exhibition.
My Mum kindly stepped in at the last moment to perform the deed (I do think that she enjoyed inflicting the waxy torture quite a bit!)
Thanks Mum!
Anxious trepidation!
Victim number one...bless.
Just look at the crowd, anyone would think that we enjoyed watching men in pain!
Ta! Daaaaaaaaaa!
Well done lads!
£700 in the kitty and silky smooth legs!


  1. I'm thinking Sam doesn't like her picture taken!
    You have an amazing mum!

    1. Well how on earth could you tell that about Sam!
      Yes, I am very lucky to have such a fab Mum x

  2. Ah, time for goodbyes and moving on, it's bittersweet alright.
    Well done those chaps, what a great total! xxx

    1. Yes, they were right heroes...but don't tell them I said that! X

  3. Do you know if never crossed my mind that our tutors might have felt that way after three years with us as students, I suppose when we were young we just had eyes front and forward. Have to say recently I've wondered where they are now, Janet Haigh was one so I know what she's up to, but as to the rest... congratulations on raising so much money, It makes you wonder how much extra you might have raised if you'd opted to inflict a bikini waxing on them, sorry I''ll get my coat...

  4. Ha! That could be the charity stunt we need for next year!
    You do make me laugh x


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