Wednesday 21 May 2014

The Tall Seamstress

A couple of months ago I found three old cuffs in the wonderful Hope and Elvis shop of delights.
'The Tall Seamstress' is the first of the cuff mixed media pieces.
It is such a gorgeous surface to work on and takes paint beautifully.
It's always scary when you start to work on an object that is already beautiful.
I have been working on the three all at once, I think it's much easier to create a series that way.
Cuff number two is nearly finished and cuff number three...well, that one's giving me grief a plenty!


  1. I love, love love this...I think I should like the title of a tall seamstress :))

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
      As a big fan of your stitchings I am v chuffed that you have popped by x

  2. Ooh...I'll look forward to seeing the others when you are ready :-)
    Tracey xx

  3. that is just gorgeous! xxx

  4. Been catching up with you my lovely and got waylaid here. So many wonderful things you've been up to. Men waxing made me laugh, I've never even braved it. The tall seamstress made me smile as that's what you could kind of call me really. About the sewing, I don't have an over locker money and space being two big reasons. I cut the seams with pinking shears and use bias binding on the bits that show round the neckline which is lovelier anyway I think. Don't say cheeky for asking because it's not. I snt an email wishing you luck before your H & E workshop and talking about possible swapsie with my elephant necklace thought it odd I hadn't heard then checked and seen the blinking thing not sent anyway. X I'll try to email again x

    1. Hello chuck!
      Thanks for the well wishes, if you can't email jus comment on me blog with your e mail address and I won't publish it bit I'll get in touch...sounds intriguing! X
      Thanks also for the sewing advice, you know, you should be writing a book, I would definitely buy it! X


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