Sunday 20 April 2014

Hemswell Happiness!

Treasures were abundant today!
Little plastic animals decided to come home with us...
Lottie found this ancient poodle that does the most hilarious walk when you put her on a sloping surface!
I found a box of very battered (but I think very beautiful) lead farm figures.
These have been giving me ideas for future work...
But the find of the day just has to be my Blinky Winky fire engine.
And yes, he blinks...
And bloomin' eck, he winks!
And so the end of a perfect day.
Little'un is washing her treasures in the sink.
There's pizza in the oven.
And soon it's Catch Phrase, the only game show that I can whip the rest of the family at (probably because it involves no knowledge at all) but, hey, I'll take whatever glory I can.


  1. oh boy...every single thing is glorious! x

    1. We Had such a lovely morning mooching around the car boot until it started tipping down! X

  2. Oh I want a blinky winky too! X

    1. I have my eagled eyed daughter to thank for that find! X


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