Tuesday 22 April 2014

Vintage Whitby!

Fancy a pootle around the vintage shops in Whitby?
'Tis a treasure trove of goodies, so be warned...hang onto those purse strings!
I love it here, it's stuffed to the rafters, full of quirky finds...

I'm sure me Mum had that orange light shade in the 'Seventies...wonder if it's still in her shed?!?

"Ooo! Hello sailor!"
Next stop...Whitby Emporium!

A pinny with a see- through panel...saucy!

I so wanted his Snoopy tea set!
Discovered this very sweet little shop...

Making our way to the famous Magpie's for fish and chips, this is the last shop on our little jaunt.
Treasure Hunt is a really friendly shop, I had a good old rootle and found lots of interesting bits and bobs for my collagey stash.

Don't know about you, but I could do with a cup of tea and me dinner now...
Do you have mushy peas or scraps?


  1. love the kitty tin and the duck! the wall of flowers....swoon and those letter squares!!! wonderful x

  2. Treasure hunting....my favorite sport. Fun.

    1. Yes Kathie, mine too!
      It's the only sport that I might win a medal for! Ha! X

  3. How did you leave that place without going dangerously into debt?! Collagey stash, sounds interesting, let me know if you would like some fun stuff from the states, I have more than enough.

    1. Thanks Patty,
      We could maybe do an across the pond swop shop! X

  4. EEEEEEKKK! The most wondrously gorgeous parcel arrived today my lovely blog world friend! I cant even say what that was like to open...i cried!! thank you! The week (or weeks!) I've been having, a bit of loveliness through the post was just what the doctor ordered. i am so grateful and touched...THANK YOU XXXXXXX


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