Tuesday 15 April 2014

Very Spooky Whitby!

Is it me, or does this witch in the poster look a bit like Madonna?
I think this is the best salt and pepper set I've ever seen!
Ooooo I think that's enough spookiness for one day, don't want nightmares!


  1. who knew whitby was so scary and yes definitely Madonna!

  2. The rest of Whitby looked so nice! Are you folks still being haunted by Madonna?

  3. Yep, they certainly make the most of the Dracula connection in Whitby, don't they? And I agree, that's definitely Madonna! xxx

  4. There's just one thing I want to say...BOO!

  5. Dur I kept thinking I know that woman's face! I went to Whitby many moons ago had friends who lived in Saltburn and I loved it. The view from the graveyard and the graves with the names eroded off by the salt are my strongest memories. X

    1. I loves those super spooky grave stones!
      And Saltburn is my absolute fave place, good vintage shops and fab fish and chips by the pier x


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